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Motorised Smoke Damper


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Motorised Smoke Damper

Model AMSD
Hour Class 1.5 Hours
Leakage Class II - 250
Minimum Size ( in ) 8 x 8
Single Section 35 X 35
Multiple Section 280 X 35
  • Available with Class II leakage, rated at 2000fpm (10.2rnis) / 4w.g(1000pa). Suitable for most of the commercial smoke management applications in both static and dynamic systems.
  • Designed for parallel blade operation. Blades are linked together externally (out of airstream).
  • AMSD series is UL 555S classified and manufactured under air master's strict quality control procedures.
  • All actuators are externally mounted with 230VAC as standard and are supplied without inbuilt auxiliary switch, the actuator can be controlled from command station
  • Factory fitted with 400mm wide 1.2mm thick GI sheet and the entire assembly can comfortably seat on 8 thick wall.
  • All dampers are factory tested to ensure smooth operation before dispatch.
  • Actuators have to be configured with smoke detector, control panel or BMS system for smoke control applications before commissioning
  • Can be used In Masonry and Gypsum walls partitions of less than 3 hours fire resistance rating as per NFPA 90- A in accordance with ANSILJL555 standards.
  • Maximum Approved Size :
  • Multiple section: 280" x 35" (Actuators internally mounted / vertical installation only)
  • Single section: 35x35 (vertical installation only).
  • Frame : High quality galvanized GI sheet of thickness 16 gauge.
  • Jamb Seal: Stainless steel.
  • Blades: Single skin roll formed from high quality GI sheet of thickness 16 gauge.
  • Gasket : UL listed gasket.
  • Actuator: Honeywell-UL listed


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